Red Non: Why There are No “Russian Hacks”

There were no Russian Hackers changing the outcome of the U.S. elections. If by hackers, that is, we mean to say digital infiltrators gaining access to secret information and leaking it to journalists and syndicates in the United States to change the outcome of the election. If some other yardstick is being used, I can’t speak to that. I’ll tell you one critical reason there were no State Actor Russian hackers that dumped damaging data on the Clintons.

If Russia were to use highly sensitive information on the State Department, the function of the U.S. Government, the integrity of Clinton surrogates, or even corporate entities allied to the Clinton campaign to undermine the confidence in the United Sates electoral or economic systems, do you think the worst they can do is some emails of John Podesta and a few DNC staffers? Do you truly believe that Russian intelligence doesn’t have information more damning than that? And that they came by this most damaging information months into the primary elections?

No. The Russian government has operated one of the most effective intelligence communities in history for quite some time now. As far back as 1946, United States diplomat to the Soviet Union declared that the “secret police” was one of the axes of true power in Moscow in his legendary Long Telegram:

Party line only represents thesis which official propaganda machine puts forward with great skill and persistence to a public often remarkably resistant in the stronghold of its innermost thoughts. But party line is binding for outlook and conduct of people who make up apparatus of power–party, secret police and Government–and it is exclusively with these that we have to deal. 1

Frankly, we only know a few of the damaging pieces of mission critical intel Russia has managed to obtain over the years- mostly through operational damage they’ve done as a result of having it. What we do know is that they know a lot, and are we to believe the worst they’ve got is John Podesta’s fairly tame emails and some info that the DNC may not have preferred Bernie Sanders to win their primary?

And are we to believe that Russia wanted Donald Trump to win the Republican primary? They only wanted Bernie to win the Democratic primary? A country which has thoroughly shaken off its socialist, Hard Left roots wanted an avowed socialist and communist apologist to win any U.S. election? It doesn’t make sense. No, Russia did not bother to intervene for Trump in his toughest challenge- the GOP primaries- and they certainly don’t care for Bernie “muh toothpaste” Sanders.

Now, if we receive information so alarming and disconcerting that it threatens to undermine confidence in our government across the political spectrum– information about cronyism, corruption, or bi-partisan corrosion, maybe we should be concerned about Russia leaking information. As it stands, Russia is mostly amused that they’ve got what they wanted more-or-less with relatively little effort or intervention. For now, Russia has not yet begun to leak!


2 thoughts on “Red Non: Why There are No “Russian Hacks”

  1. I was never clear on why the Russians would favor Trump over Clinton in the first place. After Hillary’s shady Uranium deal with the Russians mysteriously lead to donations equaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation by Russian nationals (a deal that hurt the United States) there is clearly far more evidence of “collusion” between the Clinton’s and the Russians than anything we’ve seen Trump do.

    Her past actions show that her personal greed supersedes her loyalty to the United States of America. Particularly when dealing with Russia. Why Would the Russians not want her in the White House instead? She’s already a proven asset to them and their goals. It makes no sense.

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    1. It’s funny- you’re so right, and the proof is that even after this has a major talking point of the mainstream news for months on end now, the mechanics and reasoning for this haven’t been laid out! If they were clear themselves, you’d bet we’d be clear on it by now. By now we’d know them up and down if there were much more than passive insinuations and vague references. I think this is their hobbyhorse to whittle away at while they wait for their next electoral opportunity.


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